Blueprint Space Shuttle Buran 3M (0.03/OK-KS) Size 190 cm x 61 cm

Blueprint Space Shuttle Buran 3M (0.03/OK-KS) Size 190 cm x 61 cm


Blueprint of 3M (0.03/OK-KS) Space Shuttle Buran:

Article 0.03 (Orbital spaceship) is a full-scale complex test stand of the orbiter "Buran", designed for software development, electro-radio engineering testing of systems and equipment for air transportation. It was carried out the largest in terms of volume and complexity of experimental work among all the technological models of the Buran. KS-OK differs from other stands in that it was staffed with full-time on-board systems, a standard set of ground-based test equipment of the Buran.

Before the delivery of the product 0.03 to NPO Energia, it carried out air transportation on it in LII, proving the possibility of transporting OK on a 3M-T aircraft (in flights the weight of the glider 0.03 consistently increased from 45 to 50 tons).

The full-size mock-up of the ship's glider was delivered in August 1983 to RSC Energia (NPO Energia) as the main organization for the BURAN spacecraft for the purpose of retrofitting to the complex stand of the orbiter (KS-OK) intended for complex tests of electric schemes of the ship with the participation of pneumonic hydro systems, including the development of the interaction of the on-board OK systems in the simulation of standard operating modes and in design contingencies, and also for verifying the electrical connections of the analogue of the OK with the equivalent of the carrier rocket, mathematical support, modes of preparation and start-up, operational documentation, training and training of specialists involved in the preparation and flight tests of the ship.

Electrical tests at CS-OK began in the spring of 1984. Complex experimental work continued around the clock for 1600 days and ended when the Buran OK was preparing for the launch in November 1988. 189 sections of complex tests were tested, 21168 remarks were identified and eliminated. The high efficiency of test works at COP-OK provided a high level of test automation, which amounted to 77% of the total workload. The use of the complex stand OK-KS rendered an exceptional role in ensuring the safety and shortening of the time for ground-based preflight preparation of the Buran OKP, as well as in reducing the costs of material resources for its creation.


Space Shuttle was at the control and testing station of RSC Energia, in the city of Korolev. On October 15, 2012, in order to free up production facilities in the control and testing center, it was taken to an open area adjacent to the center building. Subsequently, after the completion of the required amount of conservation work, OK-KS planned to install the territory of RSC Energia on a specially prepared site.

In summer 2017 Buran Shuttle was dismantling for transportation and transfer to the Sirius Educational Center in Sochi located in the Olympic Park. It will be part of exhibit at the Sirus Science and Art Park-indoor science –themed attraction in the space previously used as the media center for XXII Winter Olympic Games.

Size 190 cm x 61 cm.

Excellent condition. 

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