Authentic NASA Astronaut J. Voss Spacesuit Patch Set ISS Expedition- 2

Authentic NASA Astronaut J. Voss Spacesuit Patch Set ISS Expedition- 2


Original, authentic spare nametag and flag patches sdt made for the flight suit of NASA astronaut J. Voss for his ISS Expedition 2, made by the manufacturer of space wardrobe used by cosmonauts and astronauts on International Space Station (ISS). 

Excellent Condition.

J. Voss is NASA astronaut.

While participating in ISS Expedition-2, he and Susan Helms conducted an 8-hour and 56-minute spacewalk, the longest to date.


James Voss, Susan Helms and Yuri Usachev spent 163 days aboard the International Space Station conducting 18 scientific experiments, maintenance, and outfitting. During the flight, Jim (who was a Flight Engineer) was the first person to operate the Space Station Robotic Manipulator System –Canadaarm 2. He also participated in an EVA, in which Voss and Usachev prepared a docking probe for the arrival of the Pirs Docking Compartment. During J. Voss’s stay on the ISS, the space station was visited by two unmanned cargo vehicles, the Soyuz TM-32 taxi mission, as well as two Space Shuttles STS-100 and STS-104. Voss was also on board to witness the arrival of the Quest Airlock. He was one of the cinematographers and featured astronauts of the first 3D film shot in space, Space Station 3D.   The film was released in theaters in 2002 and on DVD in 2005.


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