Soviet Russian Large Voskhod 2 Space Rocket Model

Soviet Russian Large Voskhod 2 Space Rocket Model


Voskhod 2 rocket model, scale 1:18, made of resin and metal.  The length of the rocket model is around 1.8 meters.

Voskhod 2 was a Soviet manned space mission. Launched on March 18, 1965 with two crew members on board Pavel Belyayev and Alexey Leonov.  During Voskhod 2's second orbit, cosmonaut Alexey Leonov stepped from the spacecraft and performed mankind's first "walk in space." After 12 minutes and 9 seconds of extravehicular activity, he returned safely to the spacecraft through an inflatable airlock.

It almost ended in disaster when Leonov was unable to reenter the airlock due to stiffness of the inflated spacesuit. He had to bleed air from the suit in order to get into the airlock. After Leonov finally managed to get back into the spacecraft cabin, the primary hatch would not seal completely. The environmental control system compensated by flooding the cabin with oxygen, creating a serious fire hazard in a craft only qualified for sea level nitrogen-oxygen gas mixes. On re-entry, the primary retrorockets failed. A manually controlled retrofire was accomplished one orbit later. The service module failed to separate completely, leading to wild gyrations of the joined reentry sphere - service module before connecting wires burned through. Vostok 2 finally landed near Perm in the Ural Mountains in heavy forest. The crew spent the night in the woods, surrounded by wolves, before being located. Recovery crew had to chop down trees to clear a landing zone for helicopter recovery of the crew, who had to ski to the clearing from the spacecraft. Only some days later could the capsule itself be removed.

Follow-on Voskhod missions were cancelled as too dangerous.

This model was a part of exhibit dedicated to 50th Anniversary of Leonov’s spacewalk.

On June 3, 1965, two months after Leonov’s spacewalk astronaut Edward White steeped outside of Gemini 4 as the first American spacewalker .

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