Russian Proton M Space Rocket Model

Russian Proton M Space Rocket Model


Large scale 1:40 highly detailed, solid finely made metal pained model of Proton M . The height is 63” with the stand ( 163 cm), (59” without stand).  

Weights of the model is 30 lb. Made exclusively for Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center, the manufacturer of the rocket.  


Proton was derived from Vladimir Chelomei’s Universal Rocket 500 (UR-500), a massive intercontinental ballistic missile designed to carry the Soviet Union’s heaviest nuclear warheads like the Tsar Bomba. While the two-stage UR-500 never flew as a missile, four were launched between 1965 and 1966 with N-4 scientific satellites – named Proton once in orbit. The rocket was named after these payloads. The Proton-M is a modernized version of the Proton-K which first flew in April 2001. Also incorporating upgraded engines, Proton-M increased the rocket’s payload capacity. It is typically paired with a Briz-M upper stage, which had been tested on two Proton-K launches prior to the Proton-M’s debut, and two more in 2003.

The vast majority of Proton-M rockets since then have carried commercial communications satellites on launches conducted by International Launch Services, however two launches have been made with Raduga-1M military communications satellites, and three flights have deployed Ekspress satellites, which are not considered commercial payloads.

Proton-M rockets have experienced three launch failures; two outright and one partial. One of the outright failures, the launch of JCSAT-11 in September 2007, was caused by the failure of the first stage to separate from the second. The other two failures were due to problems with the Briz-M.

The Proton-M is expected to remain in operation until at least 2025.  

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