Luna-16 Spacecraft Model Soviet Russian Lunar Moon Program

Luna-16 Spacecraft Model Soviet Russian Lunar Moon Program


This Luna-16 spacecraft descent stage model is highly detailed, handmade, with a scale of 1:10. Size 16" tall, mounted on black stand size 17" x 17". Metal, with some elements of plastic composite. Made by Lavochkin Research and Production Association-design bureau as an exclusive presentation model. 

Details and accuracy of a model are of the highest museum quality. 

The descent stage has a cylindrical body with four protruding landing legs, fuel tanks, a landing radar, a dual descent engine complex, a television camera, radiation and temperature monitors, telecommunications equipment, The extendable arm with a drilling rig for the collection of a lunar soil sample could move. It considered landing module, with a soil sampler, and carried an Earth-return rocket topped by a recoverable module.

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