Energie-2 Uragan Soviet Russian Space Rocket Model

Energie-2 Uragan Soviet Russian Space Rocket Model


Extremely rare project presentational model of space rocket Energia-2 Uragan. With a scale of 1:40. 59" tall without a stand, this model is very large and impressive. 

Energia 2, named Uragan ( Hurricane), was a rocket planned to be fully reusable and would have been able to land on a conventional airfield. Unlike the Energia, which was planned to be semi-reusable (like that of the U.S Space Shuttle), the Uragan design would have allowed the complete recovery of all Buran/Energia elements, like that of the original totally reusable Orbiter/Booster concept of the U.S. Shuttle. The Energia II core as proposed would be capable of re-entering and gliding to a landing, presumably using technology developed for the Buran.

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