Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Romanenko Signed Photo Salyut 6 Soyuz 38, 1980 Training

Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Romanenko Signed Photo Salyut 6 Soyuz 38, 1980 Training


Russian Cosmonaut Yu. Romanenko signed black and white photo (7" x 10") of Soyuz 38 crew during the training.

The photo is in excellent condition.

Yury Viktorovich Romanenko is a former Soviet cosmonaut . Over his career, Yury Romanenko spent a total of 430 days 20 hours 21 minutes 30 seconds in space and 18 hours in space walks.] In 1987, he was a resident of the Mir space station, launching on Soyuz TM-2 and landing aboard Soyuz TM-3. He remained on Mir for 326 days that was the longest stay in space at that time. His son, Roman Romanenko is also a cosmonaut, and has become the third second-generation space traveler on Soyuz TMA-15 in May 2009.

Yur Romanenko first flight was on December 10, 1977 on Soyuz 26 to the space station Salyut 6.

 A two-men crew consisted of Romanenko as the flight commander and Georgi Grechko as engineer. They spent 96 days and 10 hours on the orbit, meeting Soyuz-27, Soyuz 28 and Progress 1. During the mission, Romanenko performed a one-and-a-half-hour-long spacewalk.

In his second mission on September 18, 1980, together with the first Cuban cosmonaut Arnaldo Tamayo Méndez, Romanenko flew Soyuz 38 to Salyut 6 and returned 7 days later. With this flight, Méndez was the first hispanophone and first person of African descent in space.

The third and last flight of Romanenko was on Soyuz TM-2 with Aleksandr Laveykin on February 6, 1987 to the Mir station. During that mission, Romanenko spent 326 days aboard Mir, which was the longest stay in space then. He conducted three space walks, on April 11, June 11 and June 16, 1987 with a total duration 8 hr 48 min. He returned to Earth on December 29, 1987 in Soyuz TM-3.

Romanenko retired from flights in 1988 and became the director of Buran program. The program completed one flight in 1988 and was cancelled in 1993,

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