Russian Cosmonaut Mikhail Tyurin Signed Photo ISS Expedition-14 Soyuz TMA-9 Spacewalk EVA

Russian Cosmonaut Mikhail Tyurin Signed Photo ISS Expedition-14 Soyuz TMA-9 Spacewalk EVA


Cosmonaut M. Tyurin signed photo 8” x 10” during November 22, 2006 spacewalk. Excellent condition.


On November 22, 2006 Tyurin performed his fourth career spacewalk starting at 23:17 UTC. The spacewalk had been delayed from its scheduled 20:00 UTC start time due to a cooling issue in Tyurin's suit. Tyurin got out of the suit and straightened a suspect hose which apparently had become kinked. During the spacewalk, Tyurin hit a golf ball from the exterior of the Pirs airlock. This "experiment" was sponsored by a Toronto-based commercial company, Element 21, which manufactures golf clubs made of scandium. The ball weighs just 3 grams, compared with 48 grams for a standard golf ball. At that weight, it was unlikely to damage any station components which might accidentally have been hit. The two spacewalkers (cosmonaut M. Tyurin and astronaut M. Lopez-Alegria) next task was to inspect a Kurs antenna on the Progress M-58 spacecraft that had docked on October 26, 2006. Tyurin and Lopez-Alegria moved to the rear of the Zvezda module and photographed the antenna. Since it was still fully extended, Tyurin used a screwdriver to release a latch and tried to retract the antenna. Russian flight controllers also tried to retract it by activating a motor. Neither succeeded, and the task was abandoned. Next, they relocated a WAL antenna, that was to guide the unpiloted European cargo carrier, the Automated Transfer Vehicle, to dock with the station. The two spacewalkers also installed a BTN neutron experiment, which characterizes charged and neutral particles in low Earth orbit. Two thermal covers from the BTN were jettisoned before Tyurin and Lopez-Alegria returned to the Pirs airlock at 04:55 UTC on 23 November. The spacewalk lasted 5 hours and 38 minutes.

Expeidtion-14, Soyuz TMA-9 info: Cosmonaut M. Tyurin with NASA astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria and spaceflight participant Anousheh Ansari lifted off on board Soyuz TMA-9 spacecraft from Baikonur on 18 September 2006.  The spacecraft docked with the ISS on September 20 following two days of autonomous flight. Tyurin served as the Soyuz commander, and after docking with the ISS they exchanged with the resident crew on board ISS and became the fourteenth station crew, Expedition-14. M. Tyurin spent 215 days aboard ISS as a Flight Engineer.  The Soyuz TMA-9 capsule carrying Tyurin, Lopez-Alegria and spaceflight participant Charles Simonyi landed southwest of Karaganda Kazakhstan on 21 April 2007.

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