Actual Console Panel Soyuz TM/Mir Space Station

Actual Console Panel Soyuz TM/Mir Space Station


 This is an actual console panel that was used in training for Soyuz TM descent Module control panel) at Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre in Star City during Mir era. 

Similar to Soyuz Main Panel Neptune, the console gives the Soyuz TM module’s crew information on spacecraft condition and trajectory. It provides keyboard interface with the spacecraft’s computer for inputting commands during maneuvering, docking, descent and landing.

Extremely rare!




Dimensions: The size panel: 36” x 32” x 14”, the weigh is around 130 lbs.  The height of console on a stand is 36”, which is the same as the height of other console that you bought from us.


Task of this console: 


The training console was used to train cosmonauts/astronauts to control the Soyuz TM spaceship at all flight sites in cooperating with Mir Space Station:


- Issue Soyuz TM spacecraft system control commands,

- Monitor Soyuz TM spacecraft system operations

- Acquire time-attitude data

- Exchange data with the digital computer system

- Monitor combined propulsion system, acquire video images on the video monitor


These console panel as a part of the large complex (you saw in the photo) was used as the possibility of carrying out practical exercises with astronauts and cosmonauts on the dynamic flight modes of Soyuz TM without the use of space suits;


- the possibility of conducting classes with astronauts and cosmonauts on board systems Soyuz TM;

- the introduction of emergency situations for all systems of the ship, both manually and automatically and solve all emergency situations;

- flight simulation in real and accelerated time scales; 

- control actions and the state of the crew using television systems;

- registration of the course of training with the subsequent reproduction of the necessary fragments in the analysis of training;

- recovery of the simulator within 5 minutes in case of power failures and incorrect actions of the operators.


 Space is a uniquely challenging environment. Technology and techniques in overcoming these challenges depend upon the training.


 Mir was a space station that operated for more than 15 years in low Earth orbit. The design was conceived under the Soviet Union, and the station continued work under Russia after the union fell apart in the early 1990s.


 The space station served as an important precursor to today's ISS. Aboard Mir, crews dealt for the first time with long-duration stays in space of more than 400 days.


The Soyuz TM modification of the spacecraft has been delivering crews to the Mir Space Station from 1986 till 2001. All crews were trained using this equipment. Now it is part of the mankind space exploration history. Real museum relic.


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