Cosmos 2089 Flown in Space Porthole

Cosmos 2089 Flown in Space Porthole


This flown in space porthole is from the Cosmos 2089, a Soviet military surveillance satellite launched from the Plesetsk commodore aboard a Soyuz rocket on August 3, 1990. It was launched into 62-degree, 117 by 198-mile orbit and proceeded to pass over the Middle East once a day during its 59-day mission. Two small film capsules were recovered in flight and the main reentry capsule with remaining film, camera, and computer systems at end of flight. The size of porthole is 13" in diameter

Comes with the official letter of authenticity in English and Russian from Ministry of Defense signed by the chief of space division colonel-general V. Ivanov. Also the copy of the letter from Ministry of Foreign Economic Communications of USSR to the customs confirming the purchasing the porthole, also permission to carry out the item through the USSR border.

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