Russian Space Rocket Angara-5P Space Model

Russian Space Rocket Angara-5P Space Model


Large scale (1:50) model of Russian space rocket Angara-5P, produced by GKNPTs Khrunichev. Model is very high quality, highly detailed, handmade, mostly constructed out of metal with plastic and resin elements, displaying amazing craftsmanship. This is representational museum quality - only 1 of 2 models made for MAKS 2008 exhibition, International Aviation and Space Show near Moscow. The model stands 45" tall (39" without stand) and mounted on wooden base.

Angara-5P is two-stage rocket, 712-ton booster designated Angara-5P, where "P" stood for "piloted" or "manned." Since any deep-space exploration missions may not occur until the 2030s, Angara-5P could be the main carrier of Russian manned spacecraft during most of the 2020s. Moreover, GKNPTs Khrunichev proposed deep-space mission scenarios, where the manned vehicles would still be launched on Angara-5P and dock in the low Earth orbit with large space tugs delivered by super-heavy rockets.

On July 9, 2014, Russia launched the ecologically clean Angara rocket from the Plesetsk military Cosmodrom. It is the first space booster designed in Russia from scratch since the collapse of the Soviet Union. 

Model is pristine condition.


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