Mir Space Station Kvant Module Docked Soyuz Spacecraft Model

Mir Space Station Kvant Module Docked Soyuz Spacecraft Model


NPO Energia. Mir Space Station: Handmade Custom Model of the Mir with Kvant Module and Docked Soyuz, Created by NPO Energia. A beautifully-detailed metal and resin model on a 29.25" x 5.5" wooden base, overall 20" tall and 29" across. The model was custom made exclusively by NPO Energia. This outstanding one of a kind display model has hundreds of little details.

he Kvant-2 ("Quantum" in Russian) module was launched on November 26, 1989. It was added as a second module to MIR Space Station. It was designed for earth observations and biological experiments. It also delivers more life support equipment and EVA capabilities to the MIR. 

The life support equipment contains drinking water and oxygen generators as well as shower and washing facilities for the crew. For EVA missions it has an airlock. 

The Kvant-2 module is divided into three compartments. One for instrumentation and cargo, one for scientific instrumentation and the third is an airlock.

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