Vintage NPO Lavochkin  Lunokhod-1 Moon Rover Space Model

Vintage NPO Lavochkin  Lunokhod-1 Moon Rover Space Model


Vintage NPO Lavochkin highly detailed handmade model. Approx. 1:15 scale Lunokhod-1 model, 2¼ inches tall (not including antenna), 4½ inches long, metal and painted resin, on 13 x 9 inch painted resin model lunar surface on wood base. Model with hinged lid, fully directional antenna, and eight moving wheels. 

Lunokhod-1 was one of two unmanned lunar rovers sent to the moon by the Soviet Union. Carried to the moon by the Luna-17spacecraft, and launched by the Proton rocket on November 10, 1970, it was the first remote controlled robotic rover to be operated on a body other than earth. It ran during the lunar day, using solar cells which were mounted to the underside of the lid to recharge during occasional breaks. The lid was lowered at night, and the unit was kept at operating temperature by a radioisotope heating unit. Shaped like a tub and mounted on 8 wheels, it measures 4 feet 5 inches tall, 7 feet 7 inches long, and weighs nearly a ton. It was equipped with four television cameras, a cone-shaped antenna, a helical antenna, and several extendable devices used to test the lunar regoltih.

Good Condition.

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