Development of EVA Spacesuit Orlan signed document 1971

Development of EVA Spacesuit Orlan signed document 1971




List of works to ensure the development of product " Orlan “ in 1971.


1.Coordination of the specified technical task    

  Chief Constructor April 30, 1971




2.Solution of the issue of introduction of requirements for shock loads of 40 units                                                                  


-To approve and implement a program of tests for linear and shock overloads (for 11F93, 94, 11F71, 17K)                                                                                          

KB-1 March 30, 1971



-  Coordination with subcontractors and introduction to the documentation

  KB-2, KB-4, April 30, 1971


- Testing                                                                                                                        

  Department 11May 30, 1971


3. Issue of an opinion on the radiation resistance of the product 

  Documentation and supply : Protocol of meeting with S.M. Alekseev fromSeptember 9, 1970

  KB-4, department 8, brigade 25, KB-1,department 11



4.Development of proposals for devices that provide for getting up from the back in the product Krechet

  KB-2 ( brigade 22) February 20, 1971



The introduction of devices in the construction of products

 Brigade 22 May 30, 1971



5.Solving of questions on vibration resistance of products


- Issuing conclusions and recommendationsDocumentation and supply: Krechet No. 14                           

  department 12


- Conducting Orlan No. 6 tests

  department 11, ( department 12 )


- Making improvements to the drawings      

  KB-2, KB-4


- Coordination of increased vibrations with subcontractors (if possible)

  KB-2, KB-4


- Obtaining from the subcontractors conclusions on the results of tests of aggregates in the composition of products

  KB-2, KB-4


 6. he decision of the questions connected with flight tests and the specified program


 - Recommendations on the final design


  - Folding


 - Making changes to the fours (if necessary)


7. Grease solution questions


   - Manufacture of test specimens


   Director of manufacture, January 31, 1971


  - Testing and advising on lubrication


  -Specification of drawings  

   KB-2, June 30, 1971


8. Solving questions on the corrosion resistance of water systems


 - Analysis of applied materials


 - Manufacture of test systems


 -Testing and issuing final recommendations on additives

 July 15, 1971


- Testing of the heat exchanger layout with water with additives

Department 11, March 31, 1971


- Development of instructions for the manufacture of water with additives

April 15. 1971


9. Solving heat exchanger issues


- Implementation of measures under the protocol of the meeting with Alekseyev from December  31, 1970



- Manufacture of heat exchangers for testing

  January 30, 1971


 - testing

Department 11, February 15, 1971


-Issuance of recommendations for increasing the life of heat exchangers

 Department 11, March 30, 1971


10. Decision making on glove duplication


- End of testing of compen- sating gloves

Department 11

Chief constructor ( KB-2, department 11 )



- Decision making and clarification of drawings, if necessary


11. Development of measures to improve the reliability of the RPK-2M

KB-2 ( brigade 21) January 31, 1971


12. Testing and tearing down factory testing of aggregates


a) According to FUM, KAB-450, cylinders


- transfer of all products and test accessories

Chief of manufacture, February 28, 1971


 - preparation of equipment for testing (in the part of the box and tests for destruction)

Leading engineer, March 31, 1971


- maintenance of work of KZGU at 420 atm

Leading engineer, March 31, 1971



Department 11, October 30, 1971


b) according to the products of RPK-2M, GLP-5, VP-4, KVO-9, GA-1, OPK-19 

June 30, 1971


- Test transmission complete with accessories

Director of manufacture, February 28, 1971



Department 11, August 30, 1971


b) carrying out tests on previously transferred aggregates


13. Conducted factory tests of assembled assemblies

Department 11, July 30, 1971


-transfer of Orlan's spacesuit to department 11

Orlan No.9     March

Orlan No.10   February


Orlan No.11    May


- drafting and approval of the factory test schedule

Department 11, February 28, 1971


- additional laboratory testing (if necessary) to close all unclear issues

June, 30, 1971


Testing and issuance of free conclusions based on test results


- Issue of a free test report


14. carrying out the necessary work and issuing an opinion on the fire safety of the product (including static electricity)

Department 11. December 15, 1971



15. Conducting of non-standard work and issuing of an opinion on the qualitative assessment of reliability

November 30, 1971


16. Drawing up the scheme and issuing drawings of a unified product filling station for water

KB-2, April 30, 1971

-Preparation of the remote control

July 30, 1971


- test the remote control

September 30, 1971


17. Elaboration of the technology of manufacturing glass from sheet semi-carbonate and its introduction into production

Brigade 2 5, OGT

April 30, 1971


18 Specification of technical details


19. Transition to a more reliable EVTI

-end the test and issue recommendations



-delivery of drawings

Brigade 22


20. Processing of consoles, devices and test methods


- transfer of all previously ordered consoles to department 11

March 15, 1971


Development of verification procedures and issue of conclusion on ground equipment

July 30, 1971


By product ШЛ-7


-Factory testing

February, 1971


Distribution of technical specifications, technical support and EI headset SHL-7B to the helmet SHS-7

KB-2, brigade 21. March , 1971


22. Weldability test of electro radio elements


-production of a special installation for testing the contact of the RBS-50 connector

Department 9, February, 1971


Compilation of the program and testing of contacts of RBS-50 connectors

Laboratory KB-1, April, 1971


- compilation of a test program and testing of toggle switches and microswitches

Laboratory KB-1, April 1971


23. Reconciliation of the use of electronic components


- coordination of the test program with the developers






- Harmonization of application


24. For the blocks BZS-M and -BID-М




Program design and testing

Laboratory KB-4, Mart, 1971


Release of TU, TO and IE from the passports

Brigade 24, KB-4 March, 1971


25. Compilation of the list of ground-based equipment

KB-2, KB-4


26. Composition of the list of ZKUP


26. Issue of instructions for the Complex Testing


28. Issue of the technical description


29. Conduct out  the factory tests for testing the product

Order one “Orlan” product


The manufacture of product




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