Marshal of Soviet Union Georgi Zhukov Signed WW II Document

Marshal of Soviet Union Georgi Zhukov Signed WW II Document


Georgy Zhukov Document Signed in Cyrillic, an orders issued to the "Troops of the Kiev Special Military District" dispensing orders appointing a group of medical staff for different positions in Military District, in some cases relieving due to different circumstances.   


Typed four pages, 8" x 11.25". City of Kiev; October 1940. Secretly. 

Signed at the conclusion in brown pencil by Zhukov as a commander of Troops of Kiev Special Military District, countersigned by three other officials, including Member of Military Council of District, commissar of second rank Borisov, and Commander of the Staff of the District Leitenant-General Purkaev.  In good condition with light overall creasing and torn binding along the left edge.


 Marshal Zhukov (1896-1974). The most outstanding commander in the USSR’s painful triumph over Germany.  During World War II Zhukov directed the first major Soviet success in the defense of Moscow, turned the German tide at the Battle of Stalingrad, lifted the siege of Leningrad, and led the Russians advance from Warsaw to Berlin.  He signed the document formally ending Second World War on May 8, 1945.






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