Anglo-Soviet Trade Agreement Leonid Krasin Typed Signed Document

Anglo-Soviet Trade Agreement Leonid Krasin Typed Signed Document


LEONID KRASIN (1870-1926), Bolshevik revolutionary, financier, terrorist and first Soviet ambassador to France, negotiated the Anglo-Soviet Trade Agreement of 1921. Typed D.S. in Cyrillic, 1p. oblong 8vo, 8" x 6.1/4", a telegram, signed boldly by Krasin at the conclusion in black indelible pencil. Shows some uniform toning, else very good.

An important document dated March 8, 1921 related to Anglo-Soviet Trade Agreement, that was signed on 16 March 1921 to facilitate trade between Great Britain and the Russian Socialist Federal Soviet Republic.

The first phase of negotiations began on May, 1920. Lord Curzon had previously briefed the meeting:

'We know from a great variety of sources that the Russian Government is threatened with complete economic disaster, and that it is ready to pay almost any price for the assistance which we - more than anyone else - are in a position to give. We can hardly contemplate coming to its rescue without exacting our price for it, and it seems to me that price can far better be paid in a cessation of Bolshevik hostility in parts of the world important to us, than the ostensible exchange of commodities, the existence of which on any considerable scale in Russia there is grave reason to doubt.'


As Soviet leaders pointed out:

“This diplomatic document, though modest in scope, is of truly historic significance. The Anglo-Soviet Trade Agreement was not an ordinary trade treaty with the mere object of regulating commercial operations between two countries; it was an agreement of politico-commercial character: it gave the RSFSR de-facto recognition by the most powerful capitalist power in Europe, a power which in those days still successfully contended with the USA for the role of the foremost capitalist country in the world.”


In the telegram Krasin inform the Soviet delegation that CTO- Council of Labor and Defense decided how to finance the ARCOS a foreign trade company with the office in London created to facilitate trade operations between Russian Federation and Great Britain.   



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