Soviet Russian Film Director Aleksandrov Actress Orlova, PLyatt Letter Autograph

Soviet Russian Film Director Aleksandrov Actress Orlova, PLyatt Letter Autograph


Handwritten Letter ( size 31,5 cm x 22 cm) with the words of gratefulness signed by Grigory Aleksandrov, Lyubov Orlova and Rostislav Plyatt after their performance in Moscow State University: Dated February 15, 1964.

“Your house is beautiful, warm and cozy. 

And these qualities are preserved in the auditorium. You are smart, funny and attentive audience, and so it's nice to perform here. 

All the best to you in life and work.


People’s Artist of the USSR L.Orlova

People’s artist of the USSR R. Plyatt

Joining you- G. Aleksandrov


Grigory Aleksandrov (1903 – 1983 ) was a prominent Soviet film director who was named a People's Artist of the USSR in 1947 and a Hero of Socialist Labor in 1973. He was awarded the Stalin Prizes for 1941 and 1950.

Initially associated with Sergei Eisenstein, with whom he worked as a co-director, screenwriter and actor- Ocotober. Ten days That Shook The World 1928,The General Line 1929, Que viva Mexico 1932.   Aleksandrov became a major director in his own right in the 1930s, when he directed Jolly Fellows and a string of other musical comedies starring his wife Lyubov Orlova.

Alexandrov know by his movies such as Jolly Fellows 1934, Circus 1936, Volga-Volga 1938,Encounter on the Elbe 1949.


Lyubov Orlova ( 1902-1975) was the first recognized star of Soviet cinema, famous theatre actress and a gifted singer.

Orlova's performance in a very popular 1934 comedy, Jolly Fellows, earned the young star the sympathy of Stalin and the title "Honorable actor of RSFSR". Soon she married the movie director, Grigori Aleksandrov.

In the next years, she starred in four popular movies which also became instant Soviet classics: Circus (1936), Volga-Volga (1938), Bright Path (1940), and Spring (1947). She was awarded the Stalin Prize (1941). 

In 1950, she became the first woman to receive the title of the People's Artist of the USSR exclusively for her cinematic works. After that, she switched to playing in theatre productions of Yuri Zavadsky's company.

A minor planet 3108 Lyubov, discovered by Soviet astronomer Lyudmila Zhuravlyova in 1972 is named after her.

MV Lyubov Orlova is also the name of an expedition ship used for cruises to the Arctic and Antarctic Peninsula. 


Rostislav Plyatt (1908 – 1989) was a Russian-born Soviet film and television actor. He appeared in numerous films between 1939—1987, including Going Insidethe Storm  and Zoya. He won the People"S Artist of the USSR in 1961, and State Prize winner of the USSR in 1982.


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