ISS Soyuz TMA Cosmonaut Astronaut Recliner Chair

ISS Soyuz TMA Cosmonaut Astronaut Recliner Chair


Made from the metal alloy, leather like material and strong plastic composite, folding recliner chair designed and made for seating of cosmonauts and astronauts after being landing and taking out of space capsule.

When astronauts land in a Soyuz capsule after several months on-orbit the astronauts and cosmonaut had to be carried out of the capsule one by one and get into recliner chairs as their bodies need to readjust from spending many days in space. They couldn’t walk because so much time in zero g takes a significant toll on musculature, bones, and blood.

They were placed side by side on special chairs where they would gradually adjust to Earth's gravity. and covered with a blanket to protect them from the cold before being taken inside tents for medical examination.


it is very stable and quite heavy. Has some signs of weariness, please see photos. Spacesuit is not included.



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