Soyuz 30 Flown Heat Shield Plug

Soyuz 30 Flown Heat Shield Plug


Flown Soyuz-30 heat shield plug, 2inches in diameter was removed from the surface of landing capsule in 1978.

The outer surface of the heat shield plug protection is partly burned out during re-entry through atmosphere. At the attitude of 80 km. the temperature rises across the surface of the heat shield, as the plasma sheath that surrounds the craft. Inside the module the crew observe the dancing purple flares and sense the searing heat as they plummet earthwards.

 Here is some information about this mission: 

Soyuz 30 was a 1978 manned Soviet space flight to the Salyut space station. It was the sixth mission to and fifth successful docking at the orbiting facility. The Soyuz 30 crew were the first to visit the long-duration Soyuz -29 resident crew.

Soyuz 30 carriedP. Klimuk and M. Hermaszewski, the first Polish cosmonaut Polish cosmonaut.


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