Flown Soyuz TM-30 Heat Shield Plug

Flown Soyuz TM-30 Heat Shield Plug


Flown Soyuz TM-30 heat shield plug, 2" in diameter was removed from the surface of landing capsule. The capsule was in space from April 4, 2000 to June 16, 2000.

he outer surface of the heat shield plug protection is partly burned out during re-entry through atmosphere. At the attitude of 80 km. the temperature rises across the surface of the heat shield, as the plasma sheath that surrounds the craft. Inside the module the crew observe the dancing purple flares and sense the searing heat as they plummet earthwards.

 Here is some information about this mission: Soyuz TM-30 docked with Mir's forward (-X) port on April 6 at 0631 GMT. Zalyotin and Kaleri reactivated Mir and using Progress M1-1 and M1-2 resupplied the station and raised the orbit to 360 x 378 km x 51.6 deg. The orbital plane of Mir was then around 120 degrees away from that of ISS (making transport between the stations impossible, as desired by NASA). Soyuz TM-30 undocked from Mir on June 15 21:24 GMT. Retrofire came at 23:52 GMT, followed by a safe landing at June 16, 00:44 GMT near Arkalyk in Kazakkstan.


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