Flown Soyuz TM-23 Cosmonaut Yuri Usachev Pair of EVA Spacesuit Orlan Gloves

Flown Soyuz TM-23 Cosmonaut Yuri Usachev Pair of EVA Spacesuit Orlan Gloves



Flown Orlan gloves bear Mir stamps, numbers and drawings.

The figures are communication sessions-the beginning and the end, others with balls-light and shadow during the time of spacewalk. Where the arrow is, there is either light or shadow. Green lines - the route of passage along the surface of the station near the zone where work is to be done. This is a kind of cribs, which the crew used on spacewalks.

That’s what Yuri Usachev wrote in his book "Dairy of cosmonaut: three lives in space" about the preparation for his first spacewalk using these pair of Orlan gloves. 

...Everything is prepared - including the "arrow", the instrument, and the spacesuits. Everything seems to be Ok, but again and again we are flying into the SSR, checking the bundles of "arrows", the state of spacesuits and the Gateway compartment for reliability. Today, Sasha Sergatskov is the Main Communications Operator, had suggested a 6:00 PM communication session via Sputnik - but the repeater did not go out, wanting to give us a little more sleep before going out. 

Intensive work on the preparation of the complex communication facilities will begin in 22 hours; now is a personal time, we once again looked at fragments of the Onboard Documentation on the lock, remembering how we were trained to be locked inside a pressure chamber at Chkalovskaya, and what cases on the lock were before us. 

And outside the window Africa in all its glory, the hollow of El Rishat.

I Wrote on gloves the times of connection and shadow - may be useful if there are problems with communication with the FCC (Flight Control Center).

 No fear. The case, of course, is risky, but there is no fear. I have not done everything in this life yet, I still have many unanswered questions, I still have much to do for the two people closest to me, so I'll be cautious at the exit and try to help Yury as much as possible. Perhaps tomorrow, I will have a slightly different look at this problem, and it will not seem so serious, and this reasoning will seem a little ridiculous, but it will be tomorrow, and today let me be a little ridiculous and naive than a stupid, cheerful.

Tomorrow, I will definitely tell you what it's like to go into outer space for us, the "Scythians" - the crew of the 21st main expedition at the MIR station…

The palm and fingertips are covered with pebbled orange rubber, which became kind of dry and frangible, and lost some rubber pebbles over the time during the storage.

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