Soyuz TM-10 Cosmonaut G. Strekalov Purportedly Flown Penguin-3 Antigravity Suit

Soyuz TM-10 Cosmonaut G. Strekalov Purportedly Flown Penguin-3 Antigravity Suit



Pinguin -3 suit will come with black leather communications helmet, and sheet manual for Pinguin-3


Some information:

Pinguin -3 suit is designed to create a constant axial load on the musculoskeletal system and the skeletal musculature of the astronaut. The suit reduces the adverse effects of weightlessness during long flights.


In conditions of weightlessness, muscles lose their tone and the body acquires a hunched shape. American physicians call this the posture of a "relaxed monkey." "Penguin-3" helps to simulate gravity in zero gravity. Two hours of daily training in orbit help cosmonauts return to Earth weakened, but healthy.


"Penguin-3" consists of a set of elastic elements and an external decorative shell. Elastic elements are interconnected by fabric and tape ties with buckles designed to adjust the suit for growth and adjust the amount of load. Suits are made individually for each cosmonaut.

Weights 2.5 kg. Period of usage of each suit is 45 days.


The second life suit found on Earth under the name "Regent". The painful manifestations of cosmonauts in a state of weightlessness are similar to those in patients with stroke. "Penguin-3" helps to stand upright, move properly, give load to the muscles and even restores patients' speech.

Gennadi Strekalov (1940 - 2004) was an engineer, cosmonaut, and administrator at Russian aerospace firm RSC Energy. He flew into space five times and lived aboard the Salyut-6, Salyut-7, and Mir space stations, spending over 268 days in space. The catastrophic explosion of a Soyuz rocket in 1983 led to him being one of only two people to use a launch escape system. He was decorated twice as Hero of the Soviet Union. 


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